If you are a hard hat small business owner and need help due to the impacts of COVID, project shut-down, permit pull, loss of funding etc. you can submit your application at: hardhatfund.com/apply

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Every day that hard hat workers go to work,
they go to work for us!

oil fields workers wear hard hatsEveryday men and women across the country put their boots and hard hats on and go to work. Building the structures we office and shop in, working on drilling rigs and platforms, installing pipelines, building roads and bridges and the list of hard hat jobs goes on and on.

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Hard Hat Fund's Goals

This is what is all about.

Based in the Greater Houston Area, we are seeing the effects of COVID, economic downturn, permitting issues and loss of funding that have hit hard hat businesses across the country.   Thus putting financial strain on small business owners.  As a lifetime hard hat worker, we created the 501c3 Hard Hat Fund to bring the hard hat community together across the nation, together we can help each other in a time of need.